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Interior Weeping Tile Systems

What is it?


An interior weeping tile system is recommended for the mitigation of floor-wall (cove joint) seepage and floor crack seepage; however they can effectively eliminate almost all water proofing issues. They are internal to the house and remove water accumulation from under the basement slab. The system is composed of: 1) a perimeter channel that is placed along side the footing of the foundation, 2) a sump pump and 3) a waterproof membrane that shields the interior face of the foundation wall. 

Do they work?


Yes, when installed properly, interior weeping tile systems will provide long-lasting protection against cove and slab crack seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure. By actively removing water from underside of the slab, the system ensures that the topside of the slab stays dry.  

Our Process


Expose the footing of the foundation and excavate trench  

The first step is to remove a twelve inch strip of concrete along the perimeter of the basement slab and excavate a ten inch deep trench along the side of the footing. 

  • ​​The trench along the footing is crucially important, as it is the future collection zone for the weep system.


Wall and footing treatment with Delta MS 

The next step is to cover the foundation wall and footing with Delta MS, which creates an impermeable membrane that protects against current and future breaches in the foundation wall.   

  • Delta MS is a moisture barrier that directs water into the collection zone.

  • The height of the moisture barrier on the inside wall needs to match the level of the grade on the outside wall. 

Weeping tile installation  

The drainage channel is prepared using a combination of gravel, 4 inch PVC pipe and filter fabric. The pipe is positioned beside the footing of the foundation and is centered in the collection zone.    

  • Gravel and filter fabric restrict particles from entering the weep system and prevent clogging in the pipes. 

  • Weep pipes and other forms of drainage tile should NEVER be placed above the footing.  

Concrete Replacement 

The concrete is replaced.... 

Sump Pump and discharge 

Weep system diagram.jpg


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