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No Gimmicks

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Just Good Honest Basement Waterproofing

Is Your Basement Leaking?

Lets explore some of the common issues 


Foundation Cracks  

Foundation cracks are a common source of basement water seepage. Stress on the foundation walls, settling, or shrinkage of the concrete, can cause cracks that can lead to a point of entry for water. Crack repair is always recommended to reduce the risk of basement flooding.

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Floor/wall Seepage 

Water seepage from beneath the floor slab is a common source of basement flooding. Hydrostatic pressure can force water up through the floor slab, at the cove joint (floor-wall joint) or up through cracks in the floor. 

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Other Sources  

Other significant sources of water that cause basement flooding include; window wells that are not draining properly, faulty water supply or drain pipes, faulty hot water heater and faulty sump pump discharge pipe  

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You have come to the right place! 

Wallace Waterproofing is a customer-first supplier of waterproofing services in the Calgary area. We aspire to provide our customers with absolute peace-of-mind concerning their waterproofing issues and solutions. Through education and consultation, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the right information to make an informed decision that works with their budgets.

Why you should call us?

We are passionate about our craft. Waterproofing is our passion and our profession. We are experienced individuals that are dedicated to providing the best solution for your waterproofing needs. Quality and consistency in workmanship are very important to us, as well as ensuring that the finished project exceeds the expectations of our clients. 

The correct solution for the problem. Integrity and honesty is very important to us. If your waterproofing issue is as simple as a cracked foundation wall, we will not try to talk you into some fancy high-tech basement waterproofing system. Our goal is to provide our clients with the right information and the right solution to meet their needs.


Solutions that make sense. Every industry has its share of gimmicks. Wallace Waterproofing is dedicated to providing sound solutions that are based on current Building Code and Industry practices. All of the techniques and products that we supply to our clients are the same ones that we would use on our own homes, as well as our closest friends and family members.


No high-pressured sales tactics. We would rather earn our clients business by building trust and allowing them to make an informed decision. After all, we recognize that word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to grow our business; our aim is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our services and would recommend us to others in the future. 




Proudly Canadian  

Wallace Waterproofing is a locally owned and operated foundation waterproofing company. We are proudly Canadian and recognize the importance of supporting our local economy. We source our building materials from locally owned businesses and suppliers.  

Masters of our Craft 

Our waterproofing solutions employ time-tested techniques that reflect the National Building Code of Canada. We fix it right the first time and we put a guarantee on our services.  

Customer-First Approach

We are here to help! Our customers are our first priority and we always focus on meeting their individual needs. There is often more than one solution to a waterproofing problem and we are here to help our customers make a decision that works with their budget and needs. We are committed to educating our customers and helping them fully understand the underlying issue and what it will take to fix the problem. 


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If you require immediate service, give us a call at 403-999-9487

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